Confessions of a reluctant traveler – Thursday, Nov. 10

Gorgeous full moon over Texas

We left Abilene Thursday night, Nov. 10. I had a busy few weeks prior to the trip. Since I was going to be gone 2 Fridays, I had to work hard to turn in work early for the two classes I’m taking for my master’s. I also had to set up work for my students to do while I was gone. And of course, I had 3 talks for the Ladies Day in Matanzas and the Conference in Havana to finish getting ready. The commute to work and back that day was spent praying very, very hard for God to give me wisdom to share with the ladies in Cuba and begging Him to protect my kids while we were gone. As we were on our plane from Abilene to Dallas, I was watching the beautiful full moon in front of my eyes and I was trying very hard not to let negative thoughts invade my mind. I was excited about taking another trip with Tim and getting to spend time with him meeting all the people about whom he’s been telling me for years, and seeing the places he’s described for so long and I have only been able to imagine. And yet, Satan was doing a very good job trying to steal my enthusiasm for this trip. I was feeling a little tense about the whole thing, about leaving my kids behind without an easy way of communicating with them while in Cuba. No phone service, no Internet, both parents gone. “What was I thinking? I should have waited another year or two. I wish I could be staying home today”, etc.  I have to confess my level of enthusiasm wasn’t high at all. I was nervous and reluctant, wondering if this trip actually was such a great idea at this time.

We got on the plane to Dallas at about 5:30 p.m. Our next flight to Miami was at 8:30. We arrived at around midnight there and spent the night in a hotel at the airport.

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